babaà knitwear


From local Spanish wool and cotton farmers — to you.

At babaà we make quality knitwear for everyday use. Every item is made in Spain and designed to last. We are a family that cares about what we produce and how we produce it. All the material we use is 100% natural, which means our yarns are not mixed with acrylics or any other synthetic fibres. Better quality material means warmer, longer lasting clothes that even improve with wear. A big part of our project is sourcing local providers and supporting the local textile industry. Our wool from northern Spain is compiled, spun and dyed by Spanish artisans, as is most of our cotton, which comes from Andalucia in the south of the country. We work very closely with our knitters and yarn providers and benefit from their expertise. We truly cherish these partnerships and feel so proud to be able to work with them. To find out more about our Spanish yarns and our organic wool from Italy, read more below. Our designs are oversized and loose fitting for extra comfort; made for everyone, to be worn everyday. Simple, timeless knits to be cherished forever.

All of babaà samples are donated to CEAR ( Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado ) for their refugees center in Getafe, Madrid..


marta bahillo

vogue-espana-babaa-marta-bahilloOriginally from Madrid, Marta Bahillo studied Fashion and Textile Design in Dublin, Ireland. After graduating, and with a particular passion for knitwear and natural textiles, Marta moved to Argentina to design womenswear for a major fashion house before returning to Spain and founding babaà in 2012.


babaà knits are made in a small workshop, or at one of the best family run knitwear factories in Europe, both of which are located in the north east of Spain. Each knitted piece is first washed and dried flat, to make sure that all our knits remain in perfect condition for our customers. They are then assembled and finished by hand .Finally they are pressed and blocked, and are ready to be sent out to you. A mix of the latest technology and an artisan process which allows us to develop beautiful textile designs with the use of very simple elements. Our production takes time … like all good things.


At babaà we are really passionate about all the materials we use. Our labels are made from undyed cotton printed with water soluble inks. Our buttons come from natural organic materials, GOTS certified.

our yarns

We are constantly searching for the best yarns for our collections. We use only high quality yarns, mostly local, and when local’s not possible, we choose organic.

local virgin wool

From sheep in Zamora, Valladolid, Soria and León, this wool is so resistant, getting better with each and every wear. A very stable yarn, it’s perfect for childrenswear, remaining in perfect condition after a lot of use. Washed, spun and dyed in north west Spain and then treated with a special wax to make it softer, we are so proud to have this wool, and for the love it garners from our customers.

organic wool and alpaca

Our organic wool and alpaca come from a traditional Italian wool company that works with only the finest fibres. To be organic wool certified means more than just the sheep being fed with organic food. It also means that the sheep have not been dipped in parasiticides and that shepherds must ensure that they do not exceed the natural carrying capacity of the land in which their animals graze. We are proud to support this practice, ensuring slow but very important changes in the textile industry worldwide. The combination of the organic wool with the alpaca makes this yarn so warm, soft and light. We normally mix it with a very fine Merino yarn to increase resistance and to add a nice textile effect.


Using the best quality cotton, we are proud to say that most of it is local. Coming mainly from Andalucia, it is a very soft and resistant yarn. We particularly love using undyed cotton mixed with a finer, more colourful one, for a nice textile effect and a more natural look. A babaà staple.

organic cotton

Our organic cotton comes from a wonderful company based in Girona, north east Spain. This company has been working with organic cotton for more than 20 years and now have their own plantations in Brazil. Practicing fair trade, they really provide the best quality yarns, only working with the natural colours in which cotton comes. This is certified pure cotton with no dyes, no additives and no chemicals. We love it. We cannot wait to share more of this factory’s story once they launch their new website. Here you will be able to trace the yarn all the way from the cotton buds, to us. Truly fascinating.


Did you know that all Merino wool originally came from Spain? Brought to Spain from Morocco, Merino sheep were bred throughout the south and all the way up to La Meseta. By the end of the 15th century Spain was the only producer of Merino wool in the world and no Merino sheep were allowed to leave the country. It was only in the 18th century, when Merino was first introduced into France, that Merino sheep were then bred all over Europe and America. The following century they were finally introduced to Australia and New Zealand by the British. Nowadays it is nearly impossible to get access to any Spanish Merino wool in Spain. The entire production is shipped to China to be processed and sold from there. We are so proud and excited to be preparing our first Spanish Merino stock. Working really hard to save this precious local yarn, we cannot wait to spin it here and bring it straight to you in the form of cosy knitwear.

We keep working hard to find the best materials for our knits, for our environment, and for you.