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Fine merino knitted trousers with matching jumpers available. Elasticated waistband and very relaxed fit. Super soft, comfortable and warm, merino is well known for its wonderful qualities. Perfect for layering or wearing on its own. Get the matching jumper, throw a chunky babaà on top and let your little one be cozy all winter, outdoors or indoors!

Made in Spain

Materials: 100% Merino wool


Having a ‘fake it til you make’ it kind of morning 🥱

I’m so completely exhausted after some fun escapades last night. And I’m so happy that I have tried and true staples in my closet that can make me look, and thus feel, a little more ready for the day than I truly am.

Pieces like these shoes, and the sweater when paired with slightly dressier things, are such easy ways to up my game while still being ridiculously comfortable. Perfect for a sleepy Monday.

Oh! And feliz Dia de los Angelitos! 👼
Today is the lead-in to Dia de los Muertos, dedicated to all the deceased children in our lives. A day to remember and visit with them.

Full disclosure that I am not Mexican and cannot teach you about the holidays in any authoritative way ❌ I learned about them growing up in San Diego and truly appreciate the emphasis on keeping the dead with us in constant remembrance.

Shocker-every one of us is going to die! The more we accept that and get comfortable with the fact that death is always surrounding us, the better. In my opinion.

Talking to ‘my dead’ and keeping them with me has helped tremendously in allowing me to live more fully. May you find peace, however works for you, with yours ❤️

Another shot of the #dickersonvest over #babaamerinosets in Barro. Worn with a necklace from my most recent collection jfcraftwork called Poveste Lunga, which means “long story” in Romanian

My “real” job is closing up again for a bit so I’ll be back in the studio this fall and winter….my favorite place to be xo JF

On this episode of ✨Love What You Have and Stop Buying New Stuff You Don’t Need✨, this Caron Callahan Dickerson Vest from two years ago is so so good. It became a fall/winter staple as soon as it arrived and it’s great over everything. Shown here over Babaa merino jumper in Barro which I also love so much. I need to watch this show more often! 😂 it’s really good. I have enough xo JF #shopmycloset #dickersonvest #babaamerinosets #livinginbabaa ...

🍂SOLD🍂 Worn a handful of times - washed once. Reach for latte more and realizing Babaa trousers don’t work for me. $150 g/s Venmo preferred - if multiple interest will do a drawing at 12pm pst 🍁 #babaaknitwear #babaaforsale #babaatrousersno25 #babaamerinosets ...

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