cardigan woman no16 mi tierra


Oversized chunky cardigan for you all.

So cool and comfy with dropped shoulders, big pockets and extra long sleeves. Finished with beautiful mother-of-pearl buttons. The cardigan you want to wear all year round wherever you are.

Cardigan Woman No.16 is crafted from our favourite Spanish cotton. This yarn is so special: robust yet soft, and full of personality.

Garment dyed locally with the latest technology in the most sustainable way: reducing water usage, no toxic waste and GOTS certified colouring.

One size fits all.

Made in Spain.

Materials: 100% Spanish cotton.

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NEW COTTON SHAPES at ✨💙 Natural shipping this week and next and eco colours end of March. We hope you LOVE our new family no16 as much as we do 🖤 #babaacardiganno16 ...

EEVERYDAY 🧡 forever and ever xxx #livinginbabaa @lubicanazlerova #babaacardiganno16 ...

Newborn days means: Oversized cardigan, a hat to cover your messy hair, bed not made up, dishes not washed, but wearing color to feel a bit energized and to compensate for the bags under my eyes. #babaacardiganno16 ...

comfy and casual 🤗 few things are better than fridays in babaa 🧶 anyone looking for a nice cozy sweater should definitely check start with a babaa! also, these nisoloshoes flats are killer!! haven’t taken them off all week. jeans and top are thrifted. now i am off to have some tea and play some video games with the husb. hope you all have a restful remainder of your friday!
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With this teddy bear at Enrica’s amazing exhibition at dewerkwinkel #babaacardiganno16 #youwearbabaabest ...

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