cardigan woman no18 irish moss


Thick rib cotton cardigan.

Cool and comfy with a chunky structure and dropped shoulders, Cardigan Woman No.18 is crafted from our favorite Spanish yarn. This cotton is so special: robust yet soft, and full of personality. It comes from our local producers in Andalucia, South Spain. Undyed cotton showing this fibre´s natural colour as part of our natural collection.

Finished with buttons made out of recycled cotton fibre.

One size fits all

Made in Spain.

Materials: 100% Spanish cotton.

Amy is 174cm

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My most worn pair of #philippapants which look even better as they age. I think selvedge denim really suits this pattern. Not only because of the straight side seams, but because denim breaks in so beautifully over time and stretch out just enough to be extra comfy. I find my canvas pair tends to shrink a bit every time I wash it, so my next canvas pair I plan to add an inch or so to the leg width (primarily around the calf line). I know the #persephonepants are my most popular style, but I admit I find myself wearing these tapered pants a lot more! ...

I am a symphony in rust! This is the most autumnal I’ve felt in a long time, and I like it a whole lot. It’s hard not to feel at one with the season when one is dressed to resemble foliage or else some kind of pumpkin muffin. Okay, I know I’m being very silly. I guess I’m just trying to fend off the stress of the moment; we’re down to the nubbins of the semester, and this the point at which the wheels generally start to come off the vehicle (to mix all sorts of metaphors). Plus, I’m feeling grumpy that I don’t get to watch the hearings all day but, instead, have to go do the job for which I’m paid. How is the universe going to hold itself together, if I am not able to watch the news for ten hours straight?!? This evening, I’ll come home from teaching, and then a friend is going to stop by for a dinner of wine (or whining, as we’re likely to engage in that too) and cheese. So, current events will have to wait until nine or ten tonight, before I’ll be able to catch up on it all. Anyone finding themselves gripped by the testimony this morning? ~

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Outfit info:

aceandjig - Soiree dress in cognac (L)
babaaknitwear - No. 18 cardigan (OS)
heritageboot - brown leather boots

Having a coffee,
getting our list for the market together,
embracing the fog once again,
hoping for a sunny afternoon,
looking forward to time for the six of us together.
Wishing you a happy start of your weekend!
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IRISH moss PIMENTON dulce MI tierra 🍂🌶🍂 ECO COLORS to love #babaacardiganno18 best names by @violetcakeslondon forever and ever xxx ...

just another reminder - i will be doing a second drop today around 3pm pst set those alarms! love you guys 💛 #babaacardiganno18 ...

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