cardigan woman no18 mini natural


Thick rib mini cotton cardigan.

Cool and comfy with a chunky structure, dropped shoulders and three quarter sleeves. Cardigan Woman No.18 is crafted from our favourite Spanish yarn. This cotton is so special: robust yet soft, and full of personality. It comes from our local producers in Andalucia, South Spain. Undyed cotton showing this fibre´s natural colour as part of our natural collection.

Finished with buttons made out of recycled cotton fibre.

One Size

Made in Spain.

Materials: 100% Spanish cotton.

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Oh baby in babaa

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Love the bright creamy white of the #babaaknitwear cardigan no16, but it was just so darn long and heavy, I think I will prob pull the trigger on no20, the exchange rate is not too the last few weeks. Also I looked at the care tag on this dress today, why is it dry clean only? Cotton! 🤨 ...

Clay pot and more #livinginbabaa cotton rolling back in 💛 ...