cardigan woman no18 wild fern


Thick rib cotton cardigan.

Cool and comfy with a chunky structure and dropped shoulders, Cardigan Woman No.18 is crafted from our favorite Spanish yarn. This cotton is so special: robust yet soft, and full of personality. It comes from our local producers in Andalucia, South Spain.

With a nice loose texture, its weight allows the knit to hang just so, while the ribbed hem helps retain its shape.

Garment dyed locally with the latest technology in the most sustainable way: reducing water usage, no toxic waste and GOTS certified colouring.

Finished with buttons made out of recycled cotton fibre, another step in our commitment to our planet. 

A timeless knit to be enjoyed forever

One size fits all

Made in Spain.

Materials: 100% Spanish cotton.

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Today I’m grateful for French bread and tomato+squash soup. And listening.
A challenge for today: stop talking, stop exhorting, stop justifying long enough to hear and actually listen. Keep your ears open, your heart soft, your mind sharp, your hands tough, but your touch tender.
And be ok if in the listening you realize you might have been wrong.

That’s when healing happens. If we don’t start down that road soon (or even, perhaps, yesterday), that healing may require more than we have. Then again, maybe brokenness is exactly what we need.


Definitely didn’t knock over that water bottle with a precariously half-tightened lid immediately after taking this. .
Alternate caption: dress like your region day. .
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