cardigan woman no5 mist


Our classic chunky ribbed knit redesigned for a timeless elegance. Complete with a high crew neckline and round wood buttons, cardigan no5 transitions between seasons seamlessly. Pair with a collared shirt for a polished look, under a thick coat in the winter, or over your favourite dress in the spring.

We care about animals and we can assure you that all local sheep providing this wool have been treated with care.

One Size, made with love in our factory in Spain

Materials: 100% eco wool from Spain.

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Same leggings, best hemp/organic cotton LS and #babaacardiganno5 #babaaknitwear ...

Staying local is my jam: cooking, chopping, fermenting, steeping, volunteering, chatting, Netflixing, napping, sweating, robing, masking, reading, selling, purging, packing and mailing. Happy to report not a bit of desire for shopping, even with IG browsing - last purchase on 12/28. I can buy items other than clothing/accessories, but want to still be mindful. Almost bought new organic sheets, a different maker than what is currently on my bed and 30% off! But held off, really only wanted to try something new and have another set of white sheets in rotation. And my trip to Target this week was growth for me - only bought what I intended with my gift card (dishwashing liquid), though I perused the stationary and washi tape sections, it was tempting as I usually would use the value of the card and spend additional - exactly why corps love gift cards. Let’s see my resolve with S/S releases in the next couple months. Also, reworking/hiding printed button downs that don’t quite lay flat anymore by throwing on the #babaacardiganno5 #babaaknitwear ...

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