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Pure Wool turtleneck crafted in Spain. Extra oversized and cozy. A great quality knit for everyday wear.

This wool is very special as it all comes from Spain. It is dyed and spun here by our artisan partners. A very resistant and classic yarn, perfect for timeless knitwear.

We care about animals and we can assure that all local sheep providing this wool have been treated with care.

Made in Spain

one size

Victoria is 175cm Bust 71cm Waist 58cm Hips 88cm

Materials: 100% eco wool from Spain.

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LIVING loving LIVING in babaà 🍂🍁❤️ every day 🐚 thanks for the bts @aprilhughes1 #babaajumperno17 #babaalinen #babaacottonsets ...

KIDS do it BEST ❤️ #livinginbabaa #babaajumperno17 @clionaoflaherty ...

Here's to messes within shot frames 😋
Soooo, I had bought this #babaajumperno17 on Black Friday, only to also snag the emerald no 18 mini at oroboro_store in my last post. Haven't really seen anyone talk about the comparison between the wool, so here goes.
The no 18 mini feels much tighter in terms of knit, and the texture is considerably coarser. I noticed this more in some colors than others -- the navy and emerald are somewhat coarse, the lighter blue was pretty soft, and the red was extremely coarse. No idea if this is related to color, or if it was a coincidence.
This jumper is looser in knit and waaay softer and cozier. It's not itchy at all. However, BOTH sweaters are extremely warm, and I was sweating in both of them with a coat on, even outside in 37F degree weather. .
IMO, the cardigan is nicer to wear inside, because the jumper is so warm around neck, too warm for inside.
I've basically been wearing both nonstop over the past few days, so #livinginbabaa indeed!

J’aime l’hiver.... 🤗❄️✨ •
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These days I found it really hard to reflect on 2018. I think the last 6 months were the hardest of my life. It is really difficult to explain to the outside world what it means to be the parent of a special needs kid. My mother heart broke into pieces almost on a daily basis 💔. I never thought securing the happiness of my child would be such a tough and lonely journey. I felt very isolated at times, being home bound, and on top of that pregnancy made things even harder. The end of 2018 meant that I was mentally and physically exhausted. I use my account normally to share aesthetically pleasing images. The reason for that is not because I want to show a superficial perfect life, it is because if I wouldn’t care for aesthetics in my interior or the way I dress or if I wouldn’t appreciate beautiful objects I might as well give up on life. I need color and beauty because it’s part of self care or maybe even survival. 2019 won’t be easier with a second child on the way, challenges will stay. I just hope I won’t forget for myself that it’s important to still meet my friends, visit a museum, go to the cinema, or just simply enjoy the small things in life, like admiring the birds visiting us on our balcony or the beautiful Dutch clouds ⛅️ in the clear blue sky on a normal day, to feel alive. #masilemon #babaajumperno17 #babaaknitwear ...

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