jumper woman no25


length: 61 cm /  24 inches

width at chest: 51 cm /  20 inches


arm total length: 69 cm / 27 inches 



how we measure:

length: from top shoulder to bottom hem

width: from side to side at waist level unless specified

all measurements are taken flat 



can´t find the size you want?

please contact us at [email protected], it might be coming soon!

we can also help you decide which size is more suited for you



washing instructions

babaà recommends you to wash this knit  by hand with neutral soap, take excess water by rolling it up gently in a dry towel and dry flat

if you have a good delicate programme you can machine wash in cold water

enjoy your babaà forever




jumper woman no25 sunshine


Extra fine merino seamless jumper. Crew neck line and wrist length sleeves. Best worn with matching trousers for pure comfort and style all year round.

One Size. Amy is 174cm.

Made in Spain.

Materials: 100% Merino Wool

In stock

Size Guide & Washing Instructions

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As I get older, I become more fond of garments that are forgiving and embracing different types of body shape. I got this merino trouser last year and it was looser and inseam was longer. This year I gained a few or more pounds here and there and the trouser looks different on me than last year. Tighter around the waist, bum, crotch, yet still comfortable in it, in style!(at least in my 👀)
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Definitely an outfit I can hunker down in - waffled for a long time on these sets, what was I thinking?! So cozy and chic! ...

Can’t get over my baby boy’s 😏
Happy Monday!

My husband is so not on board with this outfit. He cracked up and said “80s grandma”. Makes me love it even more! PS selling a pair of sandalias in sunflower size 10 on my feed (these are chamomile) #livinginbabaa #babaaknitwear #babaamerinosets #palomawool #beatricevalenzuela ...

Little scarves always come handy 💎💙🐳 #babaaknitwear #babaamerinosets ...

#Fauxfall10x10 day 10
This year fall is colder and earlier than usual. All my outfits were not faux fall at!
I wore 13 pieces of clothing during the past ten days and 4 pairs of shoes. I would say 70% out of them were worn more than once or twice. I usually wear same stuff over and over if I really like it so the idea of the challenge was not foreign at all. However, knowing that there was a limit of number of clothings helped me to intentionally plan out outfit for the day and put pieces I haven’t worn a lot to use to simply bring down the cost per wear. 🤑
I am wearing babaa cardigan no 19 oak, babaa merino sets in maple and navy. This set is also my fancy shmancy pajamas in cold winter nights

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