With enough love and care your babaà knit can last a lifetime and maybe even be passed down through generations.

With enough love and care your babaà knit can last a lifetime and maybe even be passed down through generations.

Here are some tips to help ensure that your babaà enjoys a long, beautiful life.

caring for your babaà wool

Before washing, keep your woolens in a separate basket to make sure they don’t get included with your mixed loads of laundry.

We suggest hand-washing our wool pieces in cold water with a gentle, natural soap. We love any organic soap that has little scent.

Submerge your sweater in the water, rub any deep stains, and remove quickly. Then, roll the sweater in a clean towel to absorb excess water before laying flat to dry (ideally on an airy surface). Enjoy the unique, cozy smell of the wet wool as it dries!

If you prefer to machine wash, we recommend a good washing machine with a wool program or gentle cycle, you can also machine-wash your items on cold (make sure it’s zero-degrees celsius as 30 degrees or higher will cause the wool to felt) with gentle spinning. Remove promptly and dry flat.

We do not advice dry cleaning as the chemicals can damage and weaken wool.

caring for your babaà cotton

​Our local cotton is exceptionally pure, so when hand-washing, use the gentlest soap possible (we recommend any organic brand with little or no fragrance) and do not leave soaking, as it can cause yellowing. Remove all excess water by rolling in a fresh towel, then lay flat to dry immediately in an airy space.

If you have a good quality washing machine, you can confidently wash your cotton pieces on the wool or gentle cycle, ideally in a dedicates bag for extra protection. The gentle spin should also help eliminate excess water.

As cotton is a heavy textile that easily loses its shape it is important to dry in flat. Note that cotton takes longer to dry than wool so it’s ideal to dry it somewhere warm and well-ventilated, away from direct sunlight which can fade the eco-dyed hues.

caring for your ribbed babaà

Our cotton ribbed styles tend to expand in the wash, and require a bit of care to maintain their lovely shape:

Machine wash with a cold wash setting and a gentle spin

When you remove your ribbed piece from the machine, handle with care

Never hang – always lay flat on a drying rack, in a well ventilated area

To preserve the shape of the knit, use your hands to gently compress any expansion in the rib, like you’re closing an accordion

storing your babaà

​Simply store cotton pieces clean and folded, avoid hanging as it can stretch the fabric.

Wool requires a little more consideration, as it’s a favorite of moths.

Store wool pieces clean and in a dry place with plenty of lavender drops. We put the drops on cotton balls or cotton muslin strips and nestle them into the wool to prevent these unwelcome guests.