kids size guide


please bare in mind that these measurements are approximate and can vary plus or minus 2cm depending on style 

we use all natural materials and they are never exactly the same, but always as good

size 0
(3 months/1 year old)

length: 28cm (11 inch)
width: 30cm (11.8 inch)


size 2
(1/2 year old)

length: 35cm (13.8 inch)
width: 32cm (12.6 inch)


size 4
(3/4 year old)

length: 40cm (15.7 inch)
width: 35cm (13.8 inch)


size 6
(5/6 year old)

length: 45cm (17.7 inch)
width: 40cm (15.7 inch)


size 8
(7/8 year old)

length: 49cm (19.3 inch)
width: 42cm (16.5 inch)


   how we measure:


length: from top shoulder to bottom hem

width: from side to side at waist level unless specified

*all measurements are taken flat    



   can´t find the size you want?


please contact us at, it might be coming soon!

we can also help you decide which size is more suited for you




   washing instructions


babaà recommends you to wash your knits by hand with neutral  soap (add a little hair conditioner if you wish to soften them)

if you want to use the washing machine we advise you to only use  cold water at 0°C ( never 30° ) in a wool or delicate programme,  always dry flat and store carefully

if you look after your babaà knits you will have them forever







cardigan no19 oak


Pure wool cardigan with organic bone buttons. A very comfortable and versatile style in a chunky texture with a very easy low neck line.

A beautifully natural dark taupe yarn. This uniquely treated wool is very special. Coming from our local sheep, this undyed yarn was spun right here in Spain by our artisan partners. A resilient, classic, pure yarn that softens and adapts to your kid over time. Perfect for timeless knitwear.

We care about animals and we can assure you that all local sheep providing this wool have been treated with care.

Made in Spain

Materials: 100% eco wool from Spain.

Matilda is 8 and wears size 8. Elias is 5 and wears size 6

Size Guide & Washing Instructions



It's been 31 degree yesterday evening when I unpacked this cardigan. So it was unreasonable to wear it right away. But a chilly September morning and quite time while the boys are still asleep is the right time to feel that babaaknitwear goodness on your skin. This, Marta, is pure love . ✨ And I can see myself wearing that cardigan when I'm 61. How I'll put it on the first chilly autumn morning and a smile will light my face when I think of those last summer days in 2016 and how my heart felt back then. #babaà #babaaknitwear #babaacardiganNo19 ...

The wool babaa season is coming to an end and I’m milking every last wear out of it. It was hands down one of my best purchases from the fall. I’m thinking I might need to invest in the white cotton version... thoughts? Please enable me! ...

MUST #babaacardiganNo19 at 🌟🐑 #aw16 #purespanishwool ...

I grew up all over the world, which means I don’t really think of anywhere as home. I guess, if I’m anything, it’s a Washingtonian (whenever we did come back to the States, it was to DC). So, although I read and greatly admire The New York Times, I always think of The Washington Post as my hometown paper. One of my favorite writers at the Post is Robin Givhan who writes about fashion; but I’ve always thought of her as kind of cultural anthropologist who uses clothing as a means to speak about gender, race, politics, and identity. Her analysis of Michelle Obama’s clothing during the first year of President Obama’s presidency was particularly powerful. Here’s a little taste from a recent piece about the Former First Lady’s glittering, Balenciaga thigh-high boots: “But this particular selection also comes across as an exclamation point on the aesthetic message Obama has been delivering since she embarked on her stadium tour this year: The role of first lady was a chapter in her life, not the entirety of it. On the road, she has stepped away from the signature sheaths and the ladylike dresses that dominated her wardrobe during her time in the White House. In this new phase, she has been wearing more trousers, more pantsuits and the kind of outré fashion that would have caused heart palpitations among the Washington establishment as well as much of the citizenry.” Givhan’s analyses always make me think about my own relationship to clothing, how the things I wear define me or shape me, what role I might be playing on any given day, and how fashion is always about more than simply the beautiful objects we put on our bodies. ~ #eileenfisherny #babaa #youwearbabaabest #babaacardiganno19 #levis #levis501 #dansko #ootd #30wears #ethicalfashion #consciousfashion #ethicalfashionover40 #professorfashion #professorstyle #slowfashion Outfit info: eileenfisherny - gray cozy viscose long-sleeved dolman top (S) babaaknitwear - No. 19 cardigan in mist wool levis - 501 jeans (29) dansko - high heeled clogs warbyparker - Hazel in pewter #memade - scarf woven with yarn from hedgehogfibres bought from simplysockyarnco and harrisvilledesigns ...

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size 0, size 2, size 4, size 6, size 8