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Organic cotton knitted trousers with matching jumper available. Elastic waistband and very relaxed fit. Super soft and comfortable. We call these travel sets as they are perfect for layering, packing AND washing. Our kids never get tired of wearing them. All natural, soft, robust and full of personality. This is one of our ECO COLOURS: we garment dye our natural cotton using the latest technology – 60% less water, no bleaching, no toxic waste and environmentally friendly colouring. Vegan friendly.

Made in Spain

Materials: 100% Organic Cotton


babaà LAYERS 🖤 to LOVE #babaacottonsets #babaajumperno17 #babaacoatno17 @tomkellyslack @aprilhughes1

babaà LAYERS 🖤 to LOVE #babaacottonsets #babaajumperno17 #babaacoatno17 @tomkellyslack @aprilhughes1 ...

CORAL ❤️ with summer flame, a cheer UP #babaajumperno17 #babaacottonsets

CORAL ❤️ with summer flame, a cheer UP #babaajumperno17 #babaacottonsets ...

Coming to you from my favorite cactus farm 💚

This lightweight cotton sweater is so perfect for these cool fall days. It feels incredible to finally have the beginnings of a wardrobe that suits this climate year-round. As someone who was constantly on the move the last 10 years, it’s a real blessing to lay down some roots and streamline many areas of my life.

Also yes, my feet are cold. But I’ll keep wearing sandals until they go numb! 😅

Pants person pants person!!!

I’m spending the latter half of my day mucking around in my yard and on my roof. So took the opportunity to dress up a bit for some morning meetings with friends.

These wool pants are definitely a departure from my everyday jeans, but DAMN I love how I feel in them. Do I need to start tying my hair back with a ribbon à la some rococo gentleman??

I think this will be my year of finally indulging in real gender-fluid dressing. Bring it on 😈

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