cardigan woman no18 natural


Thick rib cotton cardigan.

Cool and comfy with a chunky structure and dropped shoulders, Cardigan Woman No.18 is crafted from our favorite Spanish yarn. This cotton is so special: robust yet soft, and full of personality. It comes from our local producers in Andalucia, South Spain. Undyed cotton showing this fibre´s natural colour as part of our natural collection.

Finished with buttons made out of recycled cotton fibre.

One size fits all

Made in Spain.

Materials: 100% Spanish cotton.

Amy is 174cm 

size guide

In stock


Having a coffee,
getting our list for the market together,
embracing the fog once again,
hoping for a sunny afternoon,
looking forward to time for the six of us together.
Wishing you a happy start of your weekend!
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I dress for me and me alone. I shouldn’t have to say that, but sometimes it feels like I have to put that reminder out there. If you think my pants make me look short, fat, wide, pregnant, bloated, or like I have the world’s biggest camel toe, great! That’s absolutely fine. Sometimes they do! But why should you care enough to think it’s worth vocalizing? Please keep any rude and critical thoughts to yourself if I haven’t asked explicitly for fit feedback. I wear what I want, how I want, because it pleases me. I don’t dress to please others. I wear tight pants sometimes because I feel like it. I also wear loose clothing sometimes because I also feel like it other times. I wouldn’t wear it if it were unbearably comfortable, so no need to project any concern for the well-being of my midsection when I sit down in a pair of pants. My puffy belly and female anatomy are doing just fine in my tight pants, and I’m really past the point of caring about trying to pretend they don’t exist. Try not to let it bother you either. ✌️
ANYWAY! Life doesn’t just revolve around ovary-crushing pants. 😉 Shirts and tops are cool too! Just a reminder that you can save 20% off all full-price shirts at powerofmypeople with code SHANNYDOOTS 😊. Thank you again for the generous gesture, powerofmypeople! I’m excited to have found a button-down that can fit over my eternally and unapologetically bloated midsection. 👏 I can’t wait to scoop up a Friend Shirt soon so that I can rock this shirt in white as well. It really is the perfect short-sleeve linen top! Extra grateful for the sizing inclusivity so that I can glean mega outfit inspiration from smokin’ hot babes like my friend marielle.elizabeth, who wears this shirt better than anyone else I’ve ever seen. 🔥
- powerofmypeople Philosopher Shirt in Wayward Fit, size L (gifted)
- babaa Cardigan Woman No18 in natural, size OS
- madewell Wide-Leg Crop Jean in finney wash, size 31-Regular
- hanselfrombasel socks
- bryrclogs Chloe Closed Toe Clog, High Heel in acorn, size 40 (gifted)

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