jumper no15 black


Pure Wool plain knit crew neck crafted in Spain. Roomy and super cozy. Knitted in our local wool. This wool is very special as it all comes from our sheep, shepherds and artisans in Northern Spain. Our local wool feels like a hug. It is a strong and very pure yarn that softens and adapts to you over time. A very resistant and classic wool, perfect for timeless knitwear. We care about animals and we can assure you that all local sheep providing this wool have been treated with care.

Made in Spain

Materials: 100% eco Spanish wool 

One Size

Sofia is 176cm / 5′ 8″

In stock

jumper woman no15

Measurements Centimetres Inches
Length 55 21.65
Width at waist 64 25.19
Width under arms 67 26.37
Arm Length 43 16.92
Dropped Shoulder 28 11
Total sleeve length from neck line (arm & shoulder) 71 22.4
how we measure: length: from top shoulder to bottom hem width: from side to side at waist level unless specified all measurements are taken flat 
washing instructions babaà recommends you to wash this knit  by hand with neutral soap, take excess water by rolling it up gently in a dry towel and dry flat if you have a good delicate programme you can machine wash in cold water enjoy your babaà forever   babaa-logo
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Hello, hi, can you tell I'm struggling with getting into the outfit posting groove?
Well, let me tell you, I am generally struggling with getting into the groove on a variety of things. Routines? We, unfortunately, do not know them. Life is chaos, and the sun sets before 6 pm, and that just feels wrong, and also AAAAARRGHH!
There. Got it off my chest. Thank you for listening.
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Today it's cold enough for a thick sweater. And it's sunny outside, for a change ☀️

babaa Jumper No15 (dark mist)
notperfectlinen Sion in charcoal blue
wildling.shoes North Wolf

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The year 2022 has been hard on everyone’s mental health. The war in Ukraine has made many of us who live close to Russia very anxious. And as a worker in the music field, the aftermath of the covid-pandemic is still there. Many of my friends and colleagues lost so much. Plus the climate catastrophe.

Personally I’m in a better place financially than I’ve been in years (if ever). That has made it possible to invest in myself and my family. I spent a considerable amount of time in 2021 and 2022 building a wardrobe that would be sustainably made of natural materials, that would have enough variety to keep me from getting bored, but wouldn’t contain too many items. I wanted a wardrobe I’d actively wear and that would both feel and look good. I’m almost there (I think).

There’s a trap, anyhow… In these anxiety-filled years I’ve noticed a tendency to emotional buying, and I want to end that. So it’s a low-buy year in 2023 for me. There are a couple of clothes I’ve planned for a long time, so I’m allowed to buy those (listed in comments), but otherwise I’m limiting my clothes buying to replacing things that are beyond repairing. There won’t probably be many of those (most likely just undies). 

I don’t have tendencies to emotionally buy sweets, home stuff, or cosmetics, or stuff for my kids – and despite what it looks like in this pic, I’ve also trained myself from buying books, but use the public library instead. It’s just that we’ve hoarded books forever, the whole family, for at least two generations… I haven’t been able to purge the books we have (two entire walls covered with books plus then some).

So, to replace the emotional clothes shopping I try to transfer the browsing and buying to concerts, museums, and other culture activities instead. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try to put aside the sum of the object of my “want”, and see how much I manage to spare. One more idea is to participate in and think of my own clothing challenges to show how many ways I can wear the clothes I already own. 

#slowfashion #slowootd #babaa #babaajumperno15
Tried to take a photo with the lights on, and it's not the best. But the outfit's good, and I found a way to wear one of my favorite summer dresses in the middle of winter, so 💁🏼‍♀️
#FastFashionWornSlow #TallGirlFashion #WearWhatYouHave #LoveWhatYouHave #WearItAgain #RewearingIsCaring #OutfitRepeater #30Wears #MindfulConsumption #ConsciousConsumer #MindfulFashion #SLCFashionBlogger #Listen2UrLizard #ImperfectSustainability #ImperfectlySustainable #Fashun #DoingMyBest  #NPLStyled #babaajumperno15
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