jumper no15 natural


Pure Wool plain knit crew neck crafted in Spain. Roomy and super cozy. Knitted in our local wool. This wool is very special as it all comes from our sheep, shepherds and artisans in Northern Spain. This shade is non-dyed, made directly with the fleece from our sheep. Our local wool feels like a hug. It is a strong and very pure yarn that softens and adapts to you over time. A very resistant and classic wool, perfect for timeless knitwear. We care about animals and we can assure you that all local sheep providing this wool have been treated with care.

Made in Spain

Materials: 100% eco Spanish wool 

One Size

Amy is 174cm / 5′ 8″

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I’ve been downsizing my clothes for the past few years (letting go of things that no longer fit, not my style, worn out, etc.) so I already pretty much work with a capsule wardrobe mindset 🥳 ready for the #may30x30 challenge hosted by jazzyhwang and petraalexandra. Leaving myself some flexibility with four “wildcards” because weather here fluctuates so much! But once I choose the item, it will stay in my rotation. ...

MIST 🖤🐑 #babaajumperno15 LOVE keeping you warm xxx happy friday xx

MIST 🖤🐑 #babaajumperno15 LOVE keeping you warm xxx happy friday xx ...

HOW YOU 🤍🐚 wear it #youwearbabaabest @sophie_janie #babaajumperno15 xx

HOW YOU 🤍🐚 wear it #youwearbabaabest @sophie_janie #babaajumperno15 xx ...

Admiration/inventory of what Babaa is left 🤍❤️🤎💛 ...

because I like being outside. // babaa ...

#babaajumperno15, #lacausa ribbed turtleneck underneath.
#ethicalfashionover40 #ethicalootd #slowfashionootd #wearwhatyoulove #youwearbabaabest #livinginbabaa