cardigan woman no19 mini (wool not boiled)

length: 55cm / 21.6 inches

width: 54cm / 21.2 inches

sleeve length : 38cm / 14.9 inches

dropped shoulder: 15cm / 5.9 inches

TOTAL arm length from neck line to wrist: 52cm / 20.4inches


one size 


how we measure:

length: from top shoulder to bottom hem

width: from side to side at waist level unless specified

all measurements are taken flat and are approximate


washing instructions

babaà recommends you to wash this knit  by hand with neutral soap, take excess water by rolling it up gently in a dry towel and dry flat

if you have a good delicate programme you can machine wash in cold water

enjoy your babaà forever



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cardigan woman no19 mini mist


Pure wool cardigan with organic bone buttons. The difference with the other coloured minis is that the wool is not boiled ( felted ) . A super comfortable and versatile style in a chunky texture with a very easy low neck line. This piece is ideal for those how love our cardigan no19 but want less of an oversized look.

This uniquely treated wool is very special. Coming from our local sheep, this yarn was dyed and spun right here in Spain by our artisan partners. A resilient, classic, pure yarn that softens and adapts to its owner over time. Perfect for timeless knitwear.

We care about animals and we can assure you that all local sheep providing this wool have been treated with care.

Made in Spain

One size 


Materials: 100% eco wool from Spain.

In stock

Size Guide & Washing Instructions



6.25.2019 - I was very tempted (still am) by the Beaton sale but nowadays, every item I think in terms of what furniture or hardware I can get with that piece of garment. We will be expanding our garage to add a mud room, hopefully before winter. I’m not looking forward to the mess and hassle of construction but I usually love the end product of a renovation. Working on a house is costly but super rewarding. .so really have to watch myself on the no buy.
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