jumper woman no17 natural


Pure Wool turtleneck crafted in Spain. Extra oversized and cozy. A great quality knit for everyday wear.

This wool is very special as it all comes from Spain. It is dyed and spun here by our artisan partners. A very resistant and classic yarn, perfect for timeless knitwear.

We care about animals and we can assure that all local sheep providing this wool have been treated with care.

Made in Spain


Materials: 100% eco wool from Spain.

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Leaning in to those #funkyneutral feels and ignoring the fact that school starts Tuesday 😱⁣

ID: Full-length photo of me in my kitchen. I’m wearing an oversized turtleneck sweater over a gray linen tunic, black jeans, and the most wonderful white patent leather boots I have ever laid eyes on. There are fingerprints on my fridge but let’s just ignore those. ⁣

Sweater: babaa
Shirt: elizsuzann
Pants: Everlane⁣
Shoes: miista ⁣
#youwearbabaabest #babaajumperno17 #elizabethsuzann #20in2020 #20in2020dressing

The recent arrival of lovely jeans buttons from blackbirdfabrics enabled me to finish off this #fionasundress skirt hack this weekend closetcase.patterns . And, gotta say, I’m loving it with the #babaajumperno17 I got over Christmas!! babaa Can I just wear this until spring arrives?
#sewing #instasew #instasewing #isew #sewistsofinstagram #sewersofinstagram #garmentsewing #imakemyownclothes #handmadewardrobe #jeportecequejecouds

Two small free nice things I’m doing for myself recently: .
- actually drinking more water. I’ve been carrying my water glass in addition to my coffee thermos to work and as a result I’m much more hydrated. .
- lighting a candle on my bed stand before bed. I had a small one that didn’t do much in our larger living room but it really does the trick when I’m sitting close to it in our bedroom. It’s amazing how a small act like this can make reading in bed feel more luxurious . .
I (and I am sure many others) have been primed to search for commercial solutions to my problems. I’ve been tempted to buy a new Instagram-approved water bottle, or to buy a fancy candle, or to buy a new journal, rather than using what I have with an understanding that the practice is more important than the medium. . .
.. .
Have you been doing anything nice for yourself recently? Let me know! .
Outfit details:
babaa jumper 17 in mist
sotelaco Avery slip dress
everlane 90s loafers
#babaajumperno17 #youwearbabaabest #sotelaforall #everlaneshoes

I do go outside occasionally. Also, I’ve worn this sweater three days in a row. .
Outfit details:
jamesstreetco port beanie
babaa jumper no. 17 mist
pyneandsmithclothiers dress
sheertex opaque tights (gifted, review coming after I test them out for a bit)
toast x solovairuk boots .
#pyneandsmith #pyneandsmithclothiers #babaajumperno17 #youwearbabaabest #toastbeing

Just going to be #livinginbabaa from now until March, and not mad about it. I had to spice up the monochrome outfit with some color though—these socks are too fun!
Friendly reminder: please share your outfits with wide-leg pants and sailor pants with #sailorpantsforallbodies! 😘 I’d love to see what people are choosing for more inclusive sailor pant options, whether ethical or fast fashion. Let’s keep this movement of greater inclusivity going! 💗
- babaaknitwear Jumper Woman No17 in natural, size OS
- madewell Emmett Wide-Leg Crop Pant in Corduroy in bright ivory, size 30-Tall
- hanselfrombasel x rachelcomey socks
- everlane Modern Tassel Loafer in oxblood, size 10.5 (not gifted; link in bio to support me as an Everlane affiliate)

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