jumper woman no17 natural


Pure Wool turtleneck crafted in Spain. Extra oversized and cozy. A great quality knit for everyday wear.

This wool is very special as it all comes from Spain. It is dyed and spun here by our artisan partners. A very resistant and classic yarn, perfect for timeless knitwear.

We care about animals and we can assure that all local sheep providing this wool have been treated with care.

Made in Spain


Materials: 100% eco wool from Spain.

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DETAILS 🐑 🖤 straight from our spanish sheep - our wool yarn comes from this colour sheep (natural) and dark colour sheep (earth) and we make the mist, dark mist and oak from mixing both in different quantities. It is pretty AMAZING to make our very own yarn from our local sheep. When I met Santiago ( the artisan that helps us with this process) he said this would be difficult to sustain long term and here we are 7 years later. Still the same vision, still the same LOVE - happy weekend! xxx ...

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ARCE 🍂🍁so LOVED is going fast and we are not able to re-stock it this year 🧡 for YOU to know xxx #babaajumperno17 @tomkellyslack @aprilhughes1 @castingbyus @rubi_jones ...

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SISTERS 🖤 LOVE #livinginbabaa @tessahop @sannehop xxxx #babaajumperno17 ...

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