a visit to the seaside with vivien solari

body remembers that life 

Last year Vivien came to our mountains, this year we went to her Sea where she swims all year round. Thank you Vivien for all you inspire, so special to have you in babaà, love to you xxx

Stroke by

stroke my

body remembers that life and cries for

the lost parts of itself—-

fins, gills

opening like flowers into

the flesh—-my legs

want to lock and become

one muscle, I swear I know

just what the blue-gray scales


the rest of me would

feel like!

paradise! Sprawled

in that motherlap,

in that dreamhouse

of salt and exercise,

what a spillage

of nostalgia pleads

from the very bones! how

they long to give up the long trek

inland, the brittle

beauty of understanding,

and dive,

and simply

become again a flaming body

of blind feeling

sleeking along

in the luminous roughage of the sea’s body,


like victory inside that

insucking genesis, that

roaring flamboyance, that


beginning and

conclusion of our own.

Photos: Agata Popieszynska
Styling: Ana Tovar
Model: Vivien Solari
Poem: Mary Oliver
thank you all, inspiring women always showing light xxx