an afternoon with fritz haeg (after years with his work)

This summer I met Fritz Haeg in Presidio Park, San Francisco after following him for almost ten years.

My first encounter with his work was in 2014 when I came across his rug community project for the Minneapolis Walker Art Center.  “Tonight visitors to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis will be invited to sit on a hand braided rug, drink tea and talk about canning and other domestic pursuits.” His art practice had us in total awe and I just wished I could be present for it.

In 2017 I visited a home and dome I found so intriguing in LA just to discover months later that it belonged to Fritz, where he had hosted his Sundown Salons.

In 2018 I fell in love with Propuesta para una Plaza where he turned the entrance of Museum Jumex in Mexico DF into a special place to sit and hang out in what looked more like an outdoor sitting-room.

And, this summer, in 2023, I finally visited Salmon Creek Farm, where he works and lives, and enjoyed the spaces he has created there since he took over in 2014. The use of small spaces to create a home where not only you can shelter but also share is very inspiring.

His way of making intimate spaces no matter where, of creating special spaces to gather together and the idea of those gatherings based on paying attention to MAKING HOME and GARDENING had (and has) us absolutely fascinated. That close eye on what matters (to me, to us).

Finally meeting Fritz and getting to know his work even better was a highlight of this summer’s visit to Northern California. He has impacted my view of community, space and how to enjoy & “grow” all what truly matters.

Thank you Fritz Haeg, can’t wait to meet you again xx