bobo and babaà, a love story

a bit more about our collaboration, and that lovely day together celebrating in Madrid.




When a friend in common put us in touch, I quickly approached Adriana ( Bobo Choses Co-Founder)  with some professional questions. She answered with such care. 

I always wanted to meet her. I love women like her, creating amazing things but always behind the scenes, just keeping everything together, no need for applause, just working hard. We both love traveling, spending time with our kids and long camping holidays, preferably by the sea. So, we had a lot to talk about. Slowly, we became friends, shared more, and before I knew it the collaboration had already started!

We were lucky to be able to celebrate together in Madrid last March 10th, presenting our collaboration and our Spring collections for both brands. It was such a nice day. Lots of brilliant people came by. 

We feel lucky to have been part of such a wonderful team. I am sure our conversations and time together will bring up more nice things. And I hope you love it all.