inland (campo adentro)

welcome to a project so close to our hearts.


Fotos cortesia de Campo Adentro© Marta Goro, Fernando Valentí, Francisco Marquez
Agradecemos el apoyo a la trashumancia de Lawrence Sulow, Juan Garcia Vicente, Ricardo Colmenares y otros. Coop. Los Apisquillos


During a very hard lockdown in Madrid when our kids could not leave our home for two months, I spent a lot of time thinking about childhood visits to my grandparents home in their tiny village and our connection with their community and the earth that surrounded us.  When we could finally bring our kids out of the heat of Madrid to nature, to the sea and to that very same village, it came to mind how many kids could not do that or anything like it and how important being in nature is for us all, as a society, and more so now than ever before.  

Beginning February 9th, babaà will host our first archive sale — a sale of some of the pieces from the earliest days of babaà — to raise money for scholarships at INLAND’s Shepherds School´s Camp for Youth. We will donate 50% of our sales to sponsor youth from Getafe Refugee Center in Madrid, as part of our ongoing partnership with CEAR (Spain Commission for Refugees), so that they can have an opportunity to connect to the community and the earth while learning the ancient skills of shepherding.
You can learn more about Fernando García Dory’s beautiful work supporting nomadic and pastoralist communities with INLAND here.

Enjoy the special prices, the memories and the connections.

About babaà + INLAND

This partnership is the first of many to come between babaà and INLAND, a non-profit that works combining art, territory and social change. Since 2010, INLAND has focused on supporting nomadic and pastoralist communities around the world, as well as reviving rural spaces at the local level — from making cheese, to publishing books or organising gatherings and art shows.  INLAND’s promotion of a new paradigm for the necessary transition to sustainability makes it a perfect partner for babaà.