love is a place – by Adam and Agnes Wolpa

our favourite love is a place is back with Agnes and her dad Adam Wolpa

For the third instalment of love is a place we welcome our first papa of the series – Adam Wolpa, Fine Artist, and his daughter Agnes (7). 

Adam and Agnes live (with mama Erika and sister Joon) in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Agnes is homeschooled and Adam is a Professor at Calvin College. 

Together they documented an every-day of being side by side for babaà , as Adam describes in his own words…

Daughter’s images to the left, papa’s to the right.

Inspired by the opportunity to document our day together, we made plans to start the day with a walk in the woods just across the street from the house. A rainy morning and the grind of everyday life pushed that portion of the day out of the way, but after a dog walk, breakfast, and getting ready for the day, we headed downtown to the Public Museum of Grand Rapids. Walking along the river, from the car to the museum, and back, we were invigorated by West Michigan’s wind. The two of us went home to grab the rest of the family and head to the downtown market, where we feasted on vegetarian bar-b-que and fries. Then off to sleep and dream and begin another day of growing together and finding our place.  

Thank you Adam and Agnes!