Making babaà : in Barcelona with our knitters

A bit more about our partners and how we all make babaà together.
A few weeks ago we went to visit our knitters in Barcelona.
It is always our favorite time, we get tons of work done and plenty of catching up too!

We love our partners so much and it is always nice in the Summer when we travel as a family and our kids get so much out of it. One of the factories is in the mountains outside Barcelona and we are lucky enough to be able to stay in a little house they have always ready for us. Our kids love it there.



This small family factory is one of the best knitwear factories in the world, It was set up un the 80´s when the owner, Salvador, had a dream to have the best knitwear machinery in his own village. The factory is set right by his house, you can see the swing all set for his granddaughters ( and our kids too! ). He says he has retired although you can see him always around wearing the typical epadrilles from the area. But the factory is run now by his amazing son with help of his own wife and sister. Not only their work is the best ( I can not name their other partners but they are wow ) but they are also beyond generous.




When we leave that place I am always thinking of coming back. Working with them makes babaà all the better.



Our other small workshop is in Barcelona city centre. Sam and the kids get to enjoy the sea side while me and Mónica lock ourselves up in the workshop . I love developing all textile samples together, turning all the designs into real samples. When I am there, I always remember why I love knitwear so much , it is amazing how from some yarn you can just build anything. It is not cut and sew, you get this long yarn and voilè , it turns into cloth with all its amazing little structures : increases, decreases, ribs… . Knitwear really is amazing. Of course using the best yarns makes it all even more interesting but that is another story, for another time.



I hope you enjoy the pictures and this helps you to know a bit more about babaà.

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