spending scarlet like a woman

photos by Emily Saunders and poem  by Emily Dickinson




Nature rarer uses yellow
Than another hue;
Saves she all of that for sunsets,
Prodigal of blue,

Spending scarlet like a woman,
Yellow she affords
Only scantly and selectly,
Like a lover’s words.

Emily Dickinson



Beyond our factories, artisans and day to day team there are so many great creatives with whom we work year after year. We love these relationships that add so much to our babaà world and LIFE and encourage us to speak out our very own language. Emily Saunders has been creating for babaà for the past four years. She took these photos last week in Minnesota where she lives. We always love seeing babaà through her eyes.

These year our knits arrived from Spain to her just before social distancing was our new spring, se wrote to us:


hi m,

it’s so crazy that the babaà shipment that will be arriving today came from a different time so to speak. 
i won’t be able to photograph it early next week as i’m sure your expectations of work have changed for a bit too. 
i’ll hold on to it all to photograph when the time is right again. 
sending you all lots of love. we’re all connected. 

And we take this new reality working with it and around it and in ways we already know: together but apart but connected.

The above poem came to mind as I saw these photos and it feels special as it is written by another brilliant Emily and because I know we shared the love of  “spending scarlet as a woman”.

Thank you always Emily  and thank you ALL for reading xx