why I wake early: creating for them by Eleanore Frank

Today for Why I wake early, we happily welcome artist and educator Eleanore Frank, who shares from the journals she keeps for her daughter. 

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Why I wake early by Eleanore Frank 2

Why I wake early by Eleanore Frank 3

Why I wake early by Eleanore Frank 4

excerpts from books year one, year two

(recorded thoughts, drawings, and photographs for my daughter, io) 

8.2.13 i measure around my stomach, each wednesday. pinning each string to the board, in a line. evidence for the growing space you take up inside of me. 

4.24.14 i watch you watch the light change, the moving of your mobile, a shadow cast upon the wall, the movement in a mirror. i watch you learning how to see

5.16.16 the way that i meditate is to use my hands, to keep them moving, repeating gestures on paper, shapes in clay, manipulating objects. letting everything fall away except the task at hand. you sit with me, observing me quietly, intently. you sense that these movements are important, you ask in a whisper, “what are you doing mama?”, “i am working honey.” and you walk away. later, i catch you busy, building or organizing in a way i can’t quite figure out and i whisper “what are you doing honey?” ” i am working, mama.” 

Thank you Eleanore!