why I wake early: creating for them by Katie Patrick

For the second instalment of Why I wake early, Katie Patrick describes the practical and therapeutic act of making while pregnant with her first child.

Why i wake early by Katie Patrick 1

The changing mat was one of the last things I made before Eric arrived in the early days of autumn last year. I had spent much time in my pregnancy planning and making for him. I sewed blankets, tiny trousers and small felt animals. I gathered objects to create a treasure basket and I started to piece together a quilt for when he is a little older. I’ve always ‘made’. Both my parents are makers. Eric has beautiful knitwear from my Mum and a wonderful crib built for him by my Dad. I love that he is surrounded by objects that have been created especially for him – things which are unique and which have and will become part of the story of him.

I chose to stitch the changing mat by hand, I think perhaps as a gentle therapy to the feelings of late pregnancy. Making the stitches as small and neat as possible, stopping the thread from knotting was very soothing. I used a sturdy piece of ticking cloth gifted to me by my mother in law and placed 3 layers of cotton canvas in the middle to offer a little padding and durability. I wanted the mat to be strong and useful and non-disposable. It needed to be easy to wash and dry and to transport around. While I sewed I kept thinking of how my little boy would soon be using this mat, and how perhaps in the future, should there be more children they would use it too.

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Thank you Katie