you wear it best – berlin june 18

I had the strongest feeling of picturing sisters Nadine and Poupette, they really wear it best.

Meeting our customers is so inspiring and powerful. I met Nadine and Poupette less than two years ago at an event we did in Berlin. They are so nice, always excited about what is new and forever sharing the nicest comments. It felt so special spending a day with them in Berlin checking how they style all their babaà.

Because you all really wear it best and it is full circle, babaà inspires you, you inspire us, it is so nice to get that bit closer



Poupette wears top woman no4 and Nadine wears jumper woman no31


Nadine and Poupette both wear top woman no31


Poupette wears top woman no1 under cardigan no18 and Nadine wears jumper woman no31


Nadine wears jumper woman no18 and Poupette wears cardigan woman no4 over a top woman no 31



Thank you beautiful Nadine and Poupette for your openness, generosity and inspiration xxx