city moves (and city loving) with laura morgan

love your city




As we all think of staying in more isolated places, we wanted to address our love for cities, spaces where we are fortunate enough  to really live with others, where we have to rub shoulders with each other, create community, think of others, where our family extends to our neighbors, and our apartments to our neighborhood. Cities help creativity, community and of course good moves.

Thank you Laura Morgan for moving with us in your city, and thank you to brilliant team:

Christopher Anderson for shooting there, where you lived for so long, April Hughes and Romy Soleimani for styling and make up and all NYC locations, inspiration, tips and sharing your love for your city.

Love to you all living in cities or not, we hope Laura´s words inspire you 

“You create the life you live in. No one will give you what you want. You have to go get it,”

And thank you for choosing babaà in your lives xxx