sweater diary, november ways by katie merchant

welcome to our sweater diary by Katie, ways to wear your babaà best, yes!

Katie wears jumper no17 in natural and navy, jumper no15 mist, shorts no33 natural and shorts no35 summer flame


we love YOUR ways, here are Katie´s, wearing babaà at home in Canada #youwearbabaabest,



some nondescript autumn weekend

Remove everything beautiful from your home, remove everything you like, love, cherish, or are fond of. Remember to include pets and people. Remove everything which reminds you of these things in any way. Remove everything which brings you happiness or a feeling of peace. Remove everything which reminds you of your life.

Leave everything which you feel is ugly, disgusting, broken or painful. Leave everything that makes you uncomfortable when you look at it or use it. If necessary, add to these things by bringing more of them from the outside in. Make sure your home is as full as it once was and be certain everything is crummy and repulsive. Live in this space, among these things you cannot bear, for sixty days. 

Empty the space completely. Leave nothing in it. Clean it thoroughly and wash the windows. Sleep on the floor, or on a clean thin mattress the exact dimensions of your own body. Live in this space for sixty days, during which your primary activity, when you are home, is to stare at the ceiling. 

Bring the beautiful things back in, bring your beloved belongings, your most cherished possessions, back into the space and place them in their original positions. Make sure everything is as it was before. Live as you once did; if this is not possible, live twice.

-Mary Ruefle


thank you Katie for all your inspiration