familia series by carter were

from Australia, with LOVE



Carter wears cardigan woman no16 wild fern, jumper woman no18 wild fern, shorts woman no35 tangelo.
Her boys wear jumper no18 wild fern, cardigan no18 navy, shorts no39 summer flame.

cutting greens 
curling them around
i hold their bodies in obscene embrace
thinking of everything but kinship.
collards and kale
strain against each strange other
away from my kissmaking hand and
the iron bedpot.
the pot is black,
the cutting board is black,
my hand,
and just for a minute
the greens roll black under the knife,
and the kitchen twists dark on its spine
and I taste in my natural appetite
the bond of live things everywhere.
by Lucille Clifton
I have been so compelled by Carter’s way of living since getting her cookbook a few years ago.  Everything is done in such a special way, you can feel the unique quality of her way of putting things together right away. Yet, the recipes are really for sharing: my son loves her french toasts and I love her beet soup. Both are constants in our kitchen all the way from Carter’s home in Australia. 
Thank you Carter for sharing your ways with your beautiful family while wearing babaà.