there is no person without a world, by yelena yemchuk

love for humans, one by one.


I choose to live in a city because I love people. The little interactions — the lovely eye contact, weird looks, nice waves or a hello. Observing in the strangers on the street the mundane, the special, and the mind blowing. It all somehow constantly reminds me of how good it is to be human and to be alive.
I especially love the elderly people in my neighbourhood.  I see them often and know many of them by their names, they repeat the same walks daily and always ALWAYS have time for conversation.
Some people might try to hide but I even love a loud hello if I see you, who I know, in the far distance.
Here is a celebration of people, of love for humans, one by one, in all the ways that make you YOU.
thank you Yelena Yemchuk, April Hughes, Clare Rhodes & Toddy and Ben (Picture Farm Productions) for photos, videos, styling, vision, and amazing casting. Thank you Madeleine, Diarra, Eli, Credence, Kaia & brothers, Roxane & son, Coco, Lua, Bridgette and Cameron for being YOU in babaà.