in the eye of the storm

In Belgium with friends

Cold Rainy Autumn Afternoon in Belgium with friends

words and photos by Joke De Wilde.

We met at school at 8.30AM, after bringing our kids to class, ended up wearing exactly the same. It made us giggle the whole day through. It made me wonder. My lovely friend Anne is a soft silent breeze, observative and ever calm. Me, being an always-talk-too-much whirlwind. Nonetheless, in these opposites, we do meet somewhere in the middle. In the eye of the storm, where it is always windless, we talk ideas and dreams. There is so much to find in opposites. There is so much a like, there where you think it isn’t. 

Anne is wearing Cardigan Woman no19 Mist, Josse is wearing Cardigan no19 Oak and  Jumper no6 Ochre
We made pumpkin soup and celebrated the start of this Belgian Autumn. Ice cold hands but warm hearts at a rainy heather. 
We talked on, dreamed on and wondered on as we do believe there is so much in following the warmth of a new friendship. 


For Anne and her kids Ole and Josse. 
For my loves Ode and Reinhart. 
For the love of ….