love is a place – by Anaick and Petra Moriceau

more of love is a place with inspiring Anaick and Petra Moriceau

For the second instalment of love is a place, we asked Printmaker Anaick Moriceau and her daughter Petra (8) to share a day in their lives with babaà

Anaick lives and works (from home) in the beautiful French countryside of Brittany, she recorded an everyday kind of a day along with Petra.

Below is a curation of what they saw and shared together.

Mama’s images on the left, daughter’s to the right.


It was a very regular day, except it’s holidays, so the kids are around. I work in my studio in the morning and we go to the beach to spend the afternoon. 

Petra made a cat drawing for her father’s birthday , and we always end the day with a bath for everyone.

Thank you Anaick and Petra!