love is a place – by Anette and Louise Guther

Beginning our new babaà series today, love is a place, we welcome Anette and Louise Guther

Ever inspired by the relationship between parent and child – their daily living and being side by side – we asked some of our babaà friends – and their children – to make a photo diary of 24 hours together.

Today, we share a curation of images taken by Berlin based costume designer and weaver Anette Guther and her daughter Louise (14).

The photos were taken for babaà during a recent time spent together in Mallorca. 

Mama’s images on the left, daughter’s to the right.

It has just been a short break, 6 days, the two of us, enjoying being together. 

Louise without her bunch of friends, and me without work, friends, visitors, colleagues and duties. 

We spent 5 nights in a simple hotel near the sea and then one night at my friend’s finca. 

It has been good to get back in contact with my sweet teenager.

Thank you Anette and Louise!