love is a place by Nanette and Willow Sullano

bits of dreamland with wonderful mother and son 

Last love is a place today – with Nanette Sullano and her son, Willow (7).

Nanette is a weaver, designer, teacher and magic maker, founder and forager at – a shop for children. She homeschools Willow and they reside, together with papa Jonathan, in Northeast Los Angeles.

When Nanette and Willow recently spent a day together, recorded for babaà, this is what they saw and this is what they did.

Son’s images to the left, mama’s to the right.

Willow and I had been on the road and were happy to be home. We spent the morning on the beach despite the wet sand, fog and chill. Willow made rock shelters for lady bugs while I read and journaled. A while later, we walked home to meet up with Jonathan (papa) for our usual lunch together. Willow picked flowers in the garden and made a bouquet before we headed out to his swim lesson. The marine layer burned off and we drove over to a nearby bird refuge. Willow gathered some native pickled ice plants on the pathway and told me how they were edible. They were salty and pretty tasty. Later, we picked up Jonathan after work and headed to a beachside playground. We soaked up the late afternoon sunshine and played coyote and fawn, a game Willow learned at his nature program. For dinner, we went out to a Korean market to have our favorite comfort food, Doenjang Jigae. With our bellies full, we stopped off at another beach to watch the sunset. When we got home, Jonathan and I made tea while Willow read himself a book and went to wash up, brush teeth and go to bed. It was a long day spent outdoors. At bedtime, with some reading and cuddles, I was sent beautifully into dreamland too.

Thank you Nanette and Willow