babaà at violet

Summer time sharing our love for quality textiles, baking, friendship and all good things 

We started this summer by celebrating our love for best food and textiles with inspiring Claire Ptak and all het team at Violet. It was very special cause also lots of babaà friends came along, old and new, we really thank you all and send you big hugs.

We had a lovely set up upstairs in the bakery and some people eat, while other shopped and everyone chatted. To us this is pure MAGIC. 

Worm London brought beautiful flowers and Carol Montpart and I read this poem out loud. 

Here are the very few pictures I managed to take with my phone


And to keep celebrating Summer here are a couple of Claire´s  recipes to make while peaches last. And you can buy The Violet Bakery Cookbook here 

We can not wait to be back for Winter!