making babaà : september at the factory

I wish we could bring you all to our factory but showing you pictures is our way of getting you closer. We spent a week there finishing this winter´s production,  checking on spring samples and organising all the yarn for next winter. A lot of work, of the best kind.

This week we are launching our merino sets for children. Working with fine knits requires a lot of finishings and it is lovely to see more of the process to always learn more and push babaà that bit forward with our partners at the factory.

It all starts with some first sketches and textiles samples, we work hard on samples and fittings before we run the production and there is always something that we change after the first prototypes to improve quality and durability. 


There is a wonderful team in our factory, here I show you Encarna, Mari Ángeles, Mari Fe and Rosa at work finishing up our merino sets. 

And let me introduce you to our now friends and family owners Josep, Eva and Carola. Second generation of this amazing family business. We work so hard hand in hand for every collection to make babaà happen!

And their wonderful daughters that while on school holidays they visit us every morning, teach me some catalan, shower me with their drawings, and look for our kids for some games together.

It takes a lot of  trust respect and commitment from both sides to nourish this kind of work relationship but it is one we are so proud of and I am sure it shows somehow in every knit you wear.

If you want to read more about our factory you can here and see all we have written about making babaà here . Enjoy!